Joan is a Calgary poet who has been published in numerous literary magazines across Canada.  Her latest book of poetry Folding the Wilderness Within was published by Frontenac House in 2014 and was short-listed for The City of Calgary WO Mitchell Book Prize. 



Revolutions, published in 2008 by Leaf Press is the story of Tsar Nicholas II and his family as they journey through their lives to their violent death.




I love to share my poetry with others, isn't that the reason for writing - to connect, to see the world in a new light!  Here are some interviews and articles that Folding the Wilderness Within has generated:

The Toronto Quarterly Blogspot

George Elliott Clarke

Bruce Hunter,

        Under 'Conversations"


Shelf Life, 1302 - 4 St. SW, Calgary carries both my books, Folding the Wilderness Within and Revolutions.

Frontenac House Publishing

Owl's Nest, 815A - 49 Ave. SW Calgary

Joan - jshilli12@gmail.com




published by Frontenac House in the autumn 2020!

Watch for my upcoming poems:

- Mothering Anthology

-YYC POP  Sheri-d Wilson's Poet Laureate Project

- FreeFall Magazine

A POEM FOR YOU: My mother wanted indoor plumbing...

and when the hole was dug at the back of our cabin and last screws held the outhouse door in place, she chose interior lily-white gloss applied thick as the plywood it clung to and laid a black-and-white checkered lino floor.  She strung an electric cord through birch trees to a small fan above the door

that clicked on-enter, off-exit.  A pine tree deodorizer tied to its cage fluttered like a butterfly. Winters she changed fan for heater, pointed directly at the seat. Screens nailed to chimney and air vents refused flies, mosquitoes and bees entrance. Yellow fly tape hung from the ceiling year-round because you never know when a fly comes to life in this place.  Which was true, they came to life in winter's core with weekend heat.  Every few days Mom made her way to the outhouse with Pine-Sol, scrub brush and rags, scouring every inch of that little building.  Her finishings touch: a half gallon of lye down the hole instead of just one cup.


Drop me a line, order a book, ask a question, send me a poem. I would love to hear from you!

Joan Shillington

Email: jshilli@hotmail.com

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